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The Scout Skiff Manifesto No.1

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The response to our (re)introduction of the Scout Skiff has been overwhelming. We honestly cant say they we didn't expect it because this skiff just makes a lot of sense for a lot of applications.

For many of you, the Calusa Pro is the skiff you think of when you think of Towee. Dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Boats" by more than one writer, the Calusa is the boat that invented the "crossover skiff" category by moving effortlessly between rocky rivers, shallow flats, bigger waters, marsh and timber and it is still the only true contender to that title. With ample decks for and aft, a bullet proof electrical system and tons of dry storage, the Calusa Pro packs a lot of amenities into a small technical skiff. However our the original idea behind Towee was something much simpler.

Caught between flats skiffs that were too big and too fragile, drift boats that were not adaptable and canoe/boat hybrids that just weren't up to the job of abuse and bigger water, our owner needed a stable, lightweight, tough skiff that could take big loads into bigger water, still handle rocky rivers and pole silently across the skinniest flats. This was the genesis of the original Rivermaster hull and the first skiffs we built back in 2009-10. Fast forward a dozen years and our skiffs are much lighter and tougher than ever with the Calusa Pro dominating our production yet there is still a place for stripped down high, spartan high performance technical skiff that can get you where you need to go for your next adventure.

Whether you are loading up with a few rods, gear bag and a cooler or shotguns, a ton of decoys, friends and a retriever, the Scout Skiff's open floor plan and huge carrying capacity make it an adaptable platform for whatever your next season in the outdoors brings. Carrying three large adults is no problem.

What you are basically looking at is the same hull as our Calusa Pro finished out simply with our deep rod storage and fore and aft bench seating. Add our super tough, "jump up and down on me all day" bow cap and the rest is open space. Configure it with the gear that supports your need of the week and change it up for the next trip. You are getting all the quality performance and safety of the Calusa in lighter, simpler package.

Need a poling platform? Our Calusa Pro platform fits the Scout Skiff. Need to row? Our SRO Rowing Frame drops right in. Need to add a trolling motor? You can direct bolt to our bow cap with no auxiliary mounts required and even add an enclosed battery storage area with a hatch under the bow if you want.

It wouldn't be very smart to offer this great of a skiff and sit it on a cheap trailer just to get the package price down. We only offer the Scout Skiff on our super dependable, go anywhere Pro Trailer. With open c channel construction, heavy duty industrial galvanizing, vaulted hubs, and genuine Optronix LED lighting, this trailer can take you from the salt to the forest service roads of Idaho with days of trouble free high speed interstate travel in between. Sure, you can save a few bucks on a boat dealer grade trailer when you buy a skiff but you quickly forget that a of couple years later when you are up to your elbows in grease and burned up Chinese bearings on the side of the highway. Buy the right trailer - once.

The Scout Skiff is an excellent choice for the angler or hunter that really wants a super simple, high performance lightweight skiff. It's also a great choice for someone who owns a larger boat and is looking for a "specialist skiff" for a specific application - we have skiffs already on order for a Wisconsin musky guide who plans to move to the Scout Skiff for hitting multiple locations in one day to an Everglades resident that is looking for the ultimate backwater prowler that can still get him out to the outer Keys.

The Scout Skiff is also an excellent choice if the Calusa Pro simply isn't in your budget. Sure, it doesn't have all the decks, storage and electrical but all of the quality, performance and capabilities are there. There are so many amazing storage solutions available from folks like Yeti to keep you organized. Both benches are wide and make great casting platforms. Think you cant live without a forward or aft casting deck for that trip to the Louisiana marsh? The open forward and aft areas are designed so that the Yeti 45 or 50 drop right in. Again, everything that you need and nothing you don't. Give us a call at 931-224-8181 or head over to and request a pricing guide.

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