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About Us


Towee Boats was founded when a guide with both backcountry flats and river experience came together with one of the country’s most experienced boat builders and began to talk about a skiff that didn’t yet exist.

Towee founder Todd Gregory spent 20 years as both a technical insider and later a consultant to the automotive industry, all the while fishing heavily from his native Tennessee to South Florida. Before making the full time move to The Florida Keys many years ago where he guided both the Keys and Everglades National Park. He eventually returned to Tennessee and spent the next 10 years trailering skiffs back and forth between the shallow, rocky rivers of Tennessee and the skinny flats and marshes of Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina pursuing everything from Tarpon to Musky.


It was during this time that he began to see the need for a skiff that did not yet exist; a small, extremely maneuverable skiff that could be poled silently on the flats yet was durable enough for jet boat duty. It could be no more than 52 inches wide yet had to be super stable. It had to be a great rowing skiff and handle big water chop as well – a skiff that he could tow from Idaho to Key West and master every type of water in between.

In 2009, Gregory began working with boatbuilding master Chuck Davis and his family to transform his ideas into reality. The result was the original Towee Rivermaster, the forerunner of todays Calusa. The first production skiffs where built in 2010 and since then, hundreds of demanding owners have sought out the Towee team to build a custom skiff to meet their specific needs.  Gregory continues to work individually with each owner during the build process and our skiffs continue to be built one at a time by a team of master boatbuilders who are also passionate watermen.  Our skiffs are in use by professional guides and hard core anglers and hunters from Alaska to Key West and Canada to Costa Rica.

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