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Calusa Pro

The Calusa Pro

The skiff that invented the crossover skiff niche and still the only serious contender to the title. Floats super shallow with a heavy load, super stable, poles quietly, and rows like a Ferrari. Durable enough that it has been the choice of hundreds of professional guides as their jet skiff, yet poles better than traditional flats skiffs costing three times as much.  Truly a skiff that transitions from rivers, to marshes to large open water to flats and handles it all well.

The Calusa Pro now comes standard with the most popular options yet can still be custom built to your specification from Spartan to well appointed.


Calusa Pro Features

  • Our durable, light-weight flared hull. Hand built from our proprietary fiberglass composite lamination with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

  • Our exclusive BULLY! Keel – a full length mini keel that’s tough enough to take a beating while providing excellent tracking.This solid keel has it own separate lamination schedule and is a “skiff wihin a skiff”.

  • Extreme stability – pleasant for three large adults to stand, fish (or shoot) and move around.

  • The Towee bow cap – often imitated but never quite duplicated – our hand laid bow cap is a serious piece. Sturdy enough for a large angler to stand, rigid and thick enough to direct mount todays larger trolling motors and anchor systems.

  • Forward Casting Deck – Now Standard. Owners still have the option for the forward deck to be replaced with a forward bench.

  • Our 8’ open cockpit – large enough for all possible configurations – from carrying heavy loads to extra passengers, a huge payload of decoys or our removable SRO rowing frame.

  • Full wiring package – STANDARD.Frankly, we’ve had enough of tiny wires with thin insulation and poor connections. Towee brought over our wiring practices from much larger offshore boats with top quality, double insulated marine wire, saltwater connections, heavy duty breaker boxes – no fuses.Our wiring package includes pre wire and receptacle for removable trolling motor, HD switches, LED navigation lights, LED courtesy lights, power outlet and bilge pump all standard or have your skiff special ordered with no electrical if that suits your specific needs.

  • Hinged ¾ deck over the motor well – Now standard.This heavy duty, yet light weight hinged deck adds valuable usable real estate to the rear casting deck. Quality construction, wont flex or creak under foot.

  • 3 fully lined storage lockers – Now Standard. One under the bow cap, one in the forwardcasting deck and one in the rear casting deck. You may also order your Calusa with the inner liners deleted to achieve even more storage space.

  • The industry’s absolute best rod storage. Our exclusive deep rod trays were the answer to consistent rod damage that occurred from traditional under gunnel type skiff storage or even worse, the dreaded drift boat rod tubes. A just under 10’ in length and super deep, our rod trays accommodate a total of 8 large arbor outfits up to 9½ feet and up to 11 feet with our custom extensions. Also provides great gun storage for the hunter.

  • The most flotation foam in its class.

  • All fasteners are marine grade stainless.

  • Heavy Duty Bow Eye and Backing Block

  • Standard Colors: Gravel Bar Sage, Pine Island White, Backcountry Black, Dawn Patrol Gray , Guidetales Blue and Seafoam.Our wildly popular “Dank” and "Grabber Orange" colors are available for a small upcharge as well as the option to have your hull color custom matched to your paint chip.



  • LOA – 16’

  • Beam – 51”

  • Draft – A true 4 – 4 1/2 inches with a heavy load depending on bottom.

  • Hull Weight – 290lbs depending on options

  • HP – 20 Expect 27 mph standard with a heavy load, 20 hp outboard, stock aluminum 3 blade prop. Jet Capable

  • USCG Floatation Placard of 3 People 614lbs.The entire Rivermaster hull family offers a huge service payload for a small skiff in a commercial service application.

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