I'm sitting here at my desk this evening reading multiple emails from suppliers and they are all telling me the same thing - materials will continue to rise almost weekly. Just today, we were notified of another 10% increase on steel parts and (hang on) 42% on aluminum. These are in addition to the already unreal prices that we've seen this past year. The resins and epoxies that we use have almost doubled. We certainly aren't making any more money. In fact we have taken a beating by trying to hold pricing down over the past year. However, we are committed to building the best crossover skiffs and trailers on the market. We will not cut corners to offer what appear to be lower prices - there are plenty of folks selling low quality hulls on disposable trailers out there and frankly, those guys have to make a house payment this month too.

That said, If we would like to stay in business (and we really would) we will be forced to revise our pricing right away. I have just done a review of the materials that we have in house and determined that we can hold current pricing for all skiffs ordered through the end of this weekend, Sunday April 11th. If you've been on the fence about getting your new skiff build started, now would be a great time to lock in current pricing. Our new pricing will be released on Monday April 11th.


Todd Gregory

Towee Boats

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More from our sit down with Towee Pro Chris Willen talking about the versatility of his Towee,

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To kick off his 10th year as a Towee Pro Guide and Advisor, Chris Willen talks about why he chose to build out a Scout Skiff for 2022. Visit for our latest pricing guide or give us a call at 931-743-4860 to discuss your new Scout Skiff or Calusa Pro build.

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