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Due to a last minute scheduling change, we have one open production slot for a Scout Skiff (Scout Skiff Only) coming up the week of February 20. If you're ready to kick off a Scout build, now would be a great time to take advantage of this unusual oppurtunity and get your skiff in time for Spring fishing. Only one of these slots is available and will be on a first come, fist served basis. Give us a call at 931-743-4860 or email

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Towee Boats is now accepting used Towees (and a few other select other brands) for both trade ins on new builds and consignment sales.

Whether you are looking to trade in your older Towee for the latest model, trade up to a Towee or life has just moved you in the direction of needing to sell your baby, we are now accepting trade ins and used Towee consignments at our Tennessee location. Every used Towee will be thoroughly evaluated at our shop and we will extend a 5 year warranty to used skiffs that qualify. This is currently the only way to purchase a used Towee with a portion of the original factory warranty.

If this might interest you, drop a message to for more details.

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Hey folks, Todd here and it's that time of year again. The time of year that many of you aren't thinking about that new skiff you want in the Spring, but you DO want a new skiff in the Spring. So here's your yearly reminder that current lead times are our shortest of the year and - sometime in the next couple of months - all of the Spring orders are going to start hitting and it will really push out those lead times. If that new skiff is in your garage, you know she'll be ready when you are. We always have some really disappointed people who wait until it's almost Spring and they call expecting the same lead times as in the late Fall. Do not let this happen to you. Give us a call and let's talk skiffs. 931-743-4860.

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