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The All New Scout Skiff - An Uncommon Value - Manifesto #1

First, you may want to grab a beverage - this is going to take a minute.....

Ive said it before, all great skiffs are the result of a problem that needed to be solved. For the last 15 years, Towee has developed, built and refined skiffs that filed a previously unfilled need; a true crossover skiff that can take you from poling the flats to running shallow rocky rivers and most places in between - and do it well. The Towee Calusa Pro invented the crossover skiff category and is still the only skiff to hold that title. Our proprietary lamination process produces a super light and tough hul which is unmatched in the industry and they just keep getting better year after year.

So whats the problem? The problem is that building a skiff that accomplishes all this has gotten more expensive by the day yet we have never changed the Calusa Pro or the Pro trailer to cut costs or pump up profit margins by cheapening it up. We have continued to concentrate on building the best skiff crossover skiff on the market. However, this has unintentionally left some of you behind - those anglers and hunters that need a simple, great skiff and trailer. These folks have been left with some pretty unappealing choices like moving down to the chopper gun built canoe/boat hybrids, jon boats or cheaper flat bottomed fiberglass skiffs and doing the best they can. Heck, there are several out there that I have personally heard dealers claim " look just like a Towee". Let's not beat around the bush here; interest rates are high, costs are going up every day and we are all getting beaten up by inflation. We don't need another cheaply built , under performing skiff - we need a great skiff that you can run the rivers, chase reds on the flats or get into the timber for ducks at a reasonable price.

Our previous answer to this problem was the most recent version of the Scout Skiff which was basically a very stripped down version of the Calusa Pro - the very same hul materials, transom and quiet floor system in a very basic package. This austerity did cut some costs by reducing featurers but, as that particular material and process is relatively expensive, the former Scout Skiff paired with our Pro Trailer was still relatively expensive. We feel that the time has come for a better answer.

First, lets get this out of the way - I cant build you a cheap Causa Pro - it just wont work. I wont be happy with it and long term, neither will you. If you are in need of a Calusa Pro - the new Scout Skiff just isn't for you. However, if you need a simple, great skiff with the quality, performance and stability that Towee is known for at a great value, then we have just the skiff for you - the new Scout Skiff.

The new Scout Skiff get us back to our roots with the knowledge that we have gained on our 15 year journey from the original Rivermaster SROs to the 2024 Calusa Pro. We started with the original Rivermaster hull design so you get all the stability, shallow draft, big water performance and dry ride of a Towee. We moved to a more traditional fiberglass lamination for the hull but kept it light and amped up the durability by hand rolling it ( NOT a faux "hand laid" hull that is actually built with a chopper gun). We added a super strong but light Coosa cored transom suitable for 20 hp props and replaced the quiet floor system found in the Calusa Pro with a simple but effective flat floor. We kept the large Towee bow cap, hand built corner caps and over the top flotation foam from the earlier Scout Skiffs. The interior layout and rod trays are the same and the skiff comes with a 5 year warranty.

To help keep pricing reasonable, the new Scout Skiff is available in 2 colors - Tan and Moss. While we will have a formal product launch later in the Summer, if you are reading this there are already some pics of both colors floating around social media if you are curious to see them. There will be no custom builds available. Accessories include a battery box kit and the Scout Skiff does accept the Towee SRO Rowing Frame. You can purchase the hull bare, add your own power or purchase a complete skiff, trailer and package with Tohatsu power, ready for the water.

And speaking of trailers, we have paired the Scout Skiff with its own simple, reliable, high quality trailer. The standard is painted and you can upgrade to galvanized. You still have to option of pairing with our Towee Pro trailer as well.

The New 2024 Scout Skiff is available now for $6995 in either tan or moss. You can add the Scout Trailer for $2300 with the option to upgrade to galvanized for $490. Skiff, trailer and 20 hp Tohatsu outboard packages are available for $12,295.

Our first Scout Skiff is sold and we are producing more as I write this. If we do not have a skiff in stock, you can reserve the next one in production in your color choice with only a $1,000 deposit.

Yeah, I know that we have thrown a whole lot of information your way in this post so let's summarize; while not a low cost replacement for the Calusa Pro, the Scout Skiff is great choice for those who need a simple, great, high quality, stable and durable skiff for fishing or hunting. Questions? Drop our owner an email or give us a call at 931-743-4860 and we will be happy to discuss which of our skiffs meet your needs best. Keep your eye on our blog and Instagram feed for the more on the New Scout Skiff.

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