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NOW is the time to get that new Towee build kicked off for Spring - or Winter...

Hey folks - its that time of year and just like falling leaves, cooler temps and people trying to force me to put pumpkinspice in my coffee, some things just come with Fall. Things like me sitting here yet again writing a blog post about getting your new Towee build kicked off now rather than waiting for the rush of what we call "Spring" orders.

For a lot of you, this isn't an issue as you fish year round but there are a lot of folks who take a bit of a break in the colder months (or are iced out) and then wait until March 1st to call me saying " I need one of your new skiffs - QUICK!". By then, our options are a little more limited as lead times have grown due to the volume of orders. Keep in mind that we are a fairly small team of craftsmen here - not production boat manufacturers who simply need to hire a couple more guys to run the chop gun on second shift - our lamination can only be achieved by a TRUE hand lamination process. We build the same number of skiffs each year and when our capacity is reached - that's it for us.

But Todd - why now? You told me yourself that current build time is only 8 weeks. Well, yes it is - as of today, you can get a new Calusa Pro or Scout Skiff in about 8 weeks. But thats as of today and it is our shortest lead time of the year. The Christmas holiday is quickly coming up which begins to affect deliveries as many of our suppliers start to ramp down to a long Christmas break. The other factor is that "Spring" in the custom skiff business hits out of nowhere and we can begin to get a large influx of orders at any time. Over the past 15 years, I have seen it hit as early as the week of Christmas and as late as February. We just never know.

So if a new Towee build is in your future, now is a great time to give us a call at 931-224-8181 to discuss where your new Towee can take you. Lets have that skiff ready when you are.

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