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The Scout Skiff

 The stripped down, super spartan skiff skiff that has everything you need and nothing you dont. This is our original skiff design that was meant for grabbing a few rods or guns, a cooler, gear bag and disappearing to the flats, river or marsh. This is the design that was used for all of our early development and our owner caught his personal best permit poling it backwards from the bowcap and his personal best musky on fly drifting with a rowing frame. Paired with a the new Scout Skiff trailer, there's just a lot of  adventure and value in this skiff. 

We start with the proven Towee Rivermaster hull design - the same as used for the Calusa Pro and outfit it smartly with an open interior - fore and aft benches and our deep rod trays. The cockpit, the area behind the aft bench, the area under the bow cap are all open.  The Scout Skiff can be paddled or poled from the bowcap - it also accepts the Towee Poling Platform and/or SRO Rowing Frame to turn it into a versatile power drifter. 

A super durable, lightweight hull, 4"or less loaded draft, super stability, commercial grade construction,  outstanding versatility - the SCOUT SKIFF checks all the boxes.  Skiff and trailer packages start at $9345 or $6995 for a bare skiff.  Check our blog and Instagram feed for the latest on the Scout Skiff - we've been busy. 

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