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TOWEE FALL 2021 UPDATE - Feelin' Good Again!

To borrow a line from Robert Earl Keen "It's So Good to be Feelin Good Again". 2021 started out as a monster for the boatbuilding industry but is certainly ending on a high note.

While shortages from our suppliers and delays of everything from outboards to rigging parts played havoc with our final delivery times all year, supply chains are starting to normalize somewhat and delivery times have shortened dramatically and become much more predictable. We learned a lot from the great parts shortage of 2021 and really appreciate the grace and understanding of clients who had to wait a few extra weeks for their skiffs as our suppliers began to straighten out their own supply chain issues. In response, we've formed new alliances, added even more production tooling and developed a brand new project tracking system that better communicates exactly where a customer is in the build process and an expected delivery date. More on this in future posts. We've also added a new journeyman boat builder, Kyler Boyd, to the shop. Kyler comes to us from a carbon fiber boat shop where he was originally trained by one of our former employees who was running that operation. He's pretty close to home grown.

We are very pleased to let you know that THE SCOUT SKIFF will return to our production lineup in the next few weeks. Expect an announcement before the end of the month or feel free to email us with any questions.

On the trailer front, the trailer and fab shop is humming right along. We are pleased to announce that Chris Smith Jr, who has been apprenticing as a welder for the past year under Houston in the trailer shop, has been promoted to welder/fabricator.

One of the scarce items earlier in the year were trailer axles. We have formed a "mutual aid" alliance with a larger, well known marine trailer manufacturer who just happens to use large quantities of that same axle in one of their trailers. They will act as a back up should we ever experience a shortage again and successfully produced a test run of five trailers to our design.

Also, with the cost of steel going up almost weekly, our trailer pricing structure will return to allowing the customer to choose items such as the swing tongue option to keep pricing as reasonable as possible. What we will not do, is cheapen up our trailer builds just to make the price more attractive and short the customer in the long run with sub standard quality.

In closing, the sun is out, the water is great, lead times have returned to a somewhat normal level and now - NOW - is the perfect time for you to start working with us on your new skiff for Winter fishing. If you're wanting a Spring skiff - now - NOW - is also the perfect time to get your build booked and your production slot locked in before the rush hits. You can request a current pricing guide from the website or send us an email . We look forward to talking skiffs with you!

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