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Summer 2021 Update

It's been a record breaking year at Towee and we just realized that we haven't checked in on the blog in quite a while so an update is in order.

First, and what everyone wants to know about most, the supply chain continues to be somewhat sluggish as component and material manufacturers deal with an unprecedented demand, a labor shortage and their own component shortages all at the same time. This is affecting every boat (and trailer) builder but we have been able to keep getting new Towees to our clients with only modest delays. Most suppliers, other than trolling motors, see this situation easing as we head into late Fall.

The Scout model has been removed from our 2021 line up. Demand for the Calusa Pro is so high that it is taking all of our boat builder's time to build those skiffs. Please note that the Calusa Pro is available with the deleted front deck and front bench option.

We have a full slate of T2 bottom applications lined up for drift boats and jet sleds of all makes. If you are thinking about T2 for the Winter, NOW is the time to get on the schedule before we fill up.

We'd like to thank all of our 20-21 clients for what has been our busiest year ever. We appreciate each of you and enjoy hearing about your adventures in your Towee. If you are thinking now is the time to start building your new skiff, give Todd a call at 931-224-8181.

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