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Shortest Lead Times, New Tooling, Familiar Faces and More

It has been a super busy Summer here at the Towee shop and the blog has been looking mighty neglected so we thought it time that we take a moment and give you an update.

First of all, Now is the best time to order a new skiff as we can offer the shortest lead times of the year - even when compared to our already industry leading lower wait times. There are several factors driving this - first, it's that time of year when, while we are still plenty busy, custom orders are at their lowest, next, we've added additional tooling and finally the supply chain has somewhat rebounded and stabilized on many supplied components.

Speaking of tooling, we have invested in an additional Calusa hull mold to keep lead times low. Built in house, the new mold came online earlier this month and turned out beautifully.

We would also like to welcome back Houston Simons to the shop. A first rate boat builder and welder, Houston was a long time fixture in the boat shop and helped to start up our trailer operation before leaving a couple of years ago to pursue another oppurtunity. We're super happy to have Houston back on the team.

Also, we are pleased to announce that after many years of leasing our shop, Towee Marine purchased the property earlier this month. We would like to thank each of our customers over the past 13 years for making this possible and we look forward to continuing to serve new customers far into the future.

So there you have it - new tooling, a solid and expanding team and our own building. We're ready to build your new skiff. Now is a great time to give Todd a call at 931-224-8181 or email at and find out where your new Towee can take you.

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